Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Additional Source for Tree of Life Postings

Hi everybody! I just wanted to let you know that I will be writing for a new social network that has just been launched earlier this month. It’s called TheCircle.org and it’s more or less a Facebook with a purpose - meaning that you go there not just to interact but to learn how to do something better. It’s still in the Beta (testing) phase, but is up and running while the bugs are being worked out - about another 2 weeks.

I will be mentoring (leading discussions) in the Unity Consciousness category under Spirituality. I will post blogs weekly and respond to all e-mails within my circle. Membership and access to all blogs at that site is free, unless you wish to also have the ability to post to the site.

My postings at TheCircle.org will NOT take the place of this blog, however they may reduce the frequency of these postings (or not, time will tell!) But please keep in mind that I will be posting WEEKLY at TheCircle.org which is more frequently than my usual monthly post at this address. I already have 3 blog entries - so don’t miss any. I invite each of you to come and explore the many great blog authors at TheCircle.org.

If you opt not to become a member of TheCircle.org but are following my blog postings at that address, you may feel free to leave comments at this site but please be aware that monitoring of this site will be less frequent than that of TheCircle.org.

I appreciate your support and readership and hope to see each and everyone of you at my newest address!



suZen said...

Will be following - looking forward to it!

Laura Mika Benton said...

Thanks SuZen! :-)