Monday, November 10, 2008

Connecting for Spirit

I just returned from a wonderful evening of sharing. I am blessed to have found a group of like-minded individuals who share a common passion for exploration of spirit. We meet once a week. Sometimes we have guest speakers. Sometimes not. Sometimes we have pre-determined topics, other times open discussion. What is for certain, is that our exchange is never judgmental, never confrontational. It’s always loving and always in the spirit of sharing and personal growth.

Being a writer, it is infinitely easier and more comfortable for me to share in solitude - in the form of the written word. However, I realize how important it is at this point in time to step outside of our comfort zones to connect with other spiritually minded individuals, in the interest of multiplying and sharing our light.

So on that note I invite you to set aside any fears or insecurities you might have, and reach out and join forces with other spiritually minded individuals, letting your light shine - brightly. So brightly that we might ignite the love of Life and Spirit in every last soul.

Shine forth!


Isaacs PR said...

This is very inspirational, Laura.

I just wanted to bring a little hometown greetings to you from Chicago. I hope you are making Arkansas a brighter place with the great personality that exudes from your writing.

I'll be back through if time (or memory) permits. Take care!

Laura Benton said...

Thanks for the compliment Zach. I appreciate it.

It's always nice to bump into somebody from my old stompin' grounds.

Your blog is really impressive. Great imformation! You could certainly teach me a thing or two about blogging. (I'm brand new to it). I can assure you I'll be checking back with you and yours.

Take care,