Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Tree of Life receives endorsement from International and NY Times best selling author Lynn V. Andrews.

Lynn V. Andrews, author of 19 books and the highly acclaimed Medicine Woman series has endorsed Laura Mika Benton’s upcoming release of The Tree of Life.

“…An inspiring and exciting book for all ages,” says Andrews, whose award winning titles include Medicine Woman, Flight of the Seventh Moon, The Woman of Wyrrd and Shakkai, among others.

Benton's book The Tree of Life, is an inspirational parable that portrays the concept of unity with the easy-to-grasp analogy of mankind as leaves of one tree, delivering a broad spiritual message regarding man's relationship to Spirit and all of creation.

Illustrated with over 45 black and white nature photos of northwest Arkansas, The Tree of Life is a “must have” for the metaphysical or spiritual reader, and an ideal keepsake to remind readers of the beauty and splendor that abound in nature.

The Tree of Life is scheduled for release November 15, 2008 through One Spirit Publishing and will be available wherever books are sold, as well as on-line at under ISBN#0-615-24860-8. Retail price is $10.95

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Jeff Baker said...

good luck with your book... what a wonderful thing to express your self through your writing and get paid for it. Love what you do, and do what you love -- and all is well. Congratulations -- jb